Yoshioka Denshichirō Naoshige

The Kokura hibun describes how:


Yoshioka Denshichirō, too, left Kyoto to fight it out with Musashi. He attacked Musashi with a five-foot-long bokutō. Seizing the opportunity, Musashi wrested the bokutô from him and struck him with his own weapon, so that Denshichirō fell to the ground and expired.

This version of events is supported both by the Bushū denraiki and the Bukōden, which carry almost identical descriptions of the encounter, making it highly likely that both denki took their cue from Musashi’s Monument epitaph.

None of the records state where exactly the second duel took place, leading many historians to assume it must also have been on the Rendaino, the arid plain just north of the Jōbon Rendai temple.

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