Edo castle

It was during the first decade of the seventeenth century, while he was living and teaching in Edo, that, through the offices of his friend Mizuno Katsunari, that Musashi was invited by none other than Shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu to give a demonstration of his art at Edo castle. According to the Bushū denraiki:


The shogunal house had taken notice of Musashi’s art of heihô and word was sent to Musashi that they intended to send for him. Lord Yagyû Tajima no Kami Munenori, however, was already serving the Bakufu as shogunal shihan. Musashi railed at the thought of being placed below a Yagyû saying, “From my youth I have held no ambitions for high office, and with my hair and nails uncut I would cut a strange figure, so please forgive me for declining.”

The same record describes how:


In the end, the shogun, having seen one of Musashi’s paintings, commissioned him to paint a folding screen. This time Musashi obliged and presented to the shogun a folding screen with a scene of a rising moon over the plains of Musashi.

The Sakurada Gate of Edo castle

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