Yoshioka Matashichirō

The last and the youngest Yoshioka scion to duel with Musashi was Yoshioka Matashichirō, although the Kokura hibun claims that his encounter with Musashi took the form of an ambush near Sagarimatsu (see Ichijōji). Thus the Kokura hibun describes how Matashichirō:


Matashichirō gathered his deshi and awaited Musashi in ambush on the outskirts of Kyoto at Sagarimatsu. There were several hundreds of deshi, intending to kill Musashi in a single attack with swords, as well as bows and arrows.

Here too, the Bushū denraiki and the bukoden closely follow the Kokura hibun  though the Bukōden adds that M atashichirō was Seijūrō’s son and that they had gathered at Sagarimatsu “feigning to practice”. The Bushū denraikis point of view focuses on Musashi, claiming he was back on the road (presumably satisfied with the outcome of his recent two duels), and was passing through Sagarimatsu in the company of a dozen of his “allies” when:


A young man of seventeen or eighteen among them was way out ahead. Calling out to him from behind Musashi seized him by his belt and pushed him forward saying, “if you slacken your resolve here you will lose your life; remain firm.” But the young man was struck by an arrow and wounded.

It goes in to describe how:


Musashi spoke out and addressed his followers, saying, “stay calm and move back, you can catch up with me once I have driven them back.” At this he stepped out in front of his followers and, using his tateki no i proceeded to drive the enemy back. 

It claims that, the road ahead being blocked by hundreds of Matashichirō's henchmen, Musashi fled to a “temple,” where he hid himself, until at length the disturbance was subdued with the help of the shoshidai, the deputy governor of the Samurai Dokoro. It is not clear which temple the Bushū denraiki is referring to, although two nearby temples that lay derelict at the time are possible contenders (see Sagarimatsu).

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